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Stratford London Most Loved Chinese!

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Unit 1, Gerry Raffles Square, Stratford, London E15 1BG

Stratford London Most Loved Chinese!

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Happy Customers!

"Delicious, high quality Chinese food in a beautifully decorated Asian style interior. This restaurant is a hidden gem in London, and offers some of the best and most authentic Chinese Sichuan dishes in the city. I've been here twice and been delighted with the quality of the dishes and the speed of the service. The spicy cumin lamb dish was a standout, succulent soft bite-sized lamb stir fried in high heat with a deliciously smokey sauce blend with some bold heat. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for real delicious Chinese cooking to give it a visit."

- Shamika Smith

"Ordered from them a few times during the lockdown- the food was always amazing. Thank you for taking so much care in your food, even your deliveries.."

- Jose Hatts

"Best Chinese restaurant in Stratford! The food is excellent and varied, service is fast and friendly. Be sure to make a reservation, it gets busy!"

- Monica Tata